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Flexible Magnetic Rubber

Extrusion Strips for Signage & Portable Display

Introducing Match A + B


Match A + B   Match-Pole Pairing Magnetic Strips provide high quality solution for fixing and joining of graphics and objects to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces.


Match A + B  can be used to precisely position graphics to frames or light boxes or they can be used to piece together objects in Pop-Up System without overlaps or gaps. 


We utilized premium grade double-sided tapes, 3M & TESA adhesive to provided superior adhesion to acrylics, steel, aluminum and other hard-to-adhere surfaces.


How They Match

A key characteristics of our Match A + B is the perfect matching of the pairing magnet. We utilize the property of magnets, “unlike pole attract, like pole repel”, and magnetized the pairing magnet in a way where they can perfectly match with one another.


The accurate matching provide our customers with perfect graphic alignments. The standard size and magnetization pattern for most display system are as shown below. We also offer custom size extrusion strips.

Magnetization Pattern

Standard Sizes & Pull Force

Match A + Application
Pop-Up System


Match A + B  is widely used in commercial Pop-Up System. It is used to piece graphics seamlessly to display units, allowing  panels to be installed, interchanged and removed quickly and easily without the need for permanent fixtures and reduce the risk of damaging graphic panels. 


Illuminated Signs & Panels

A key characteristics of our Match A + B can also be used to fix graphics inside light boxes and display cases, as well as securing the front panels of these units. It allows quick and easy access to graphics without the need of keys or tools.

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