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Visual Magnetic Film

Material Information |

  • Magnetic field visualiser allows user to view magnet poles / magnetization patterns of permanent magnets and DC electron magnets.

  • Made of mirco magnetic-migration coated PET film


  • Flexible, can be cut into variuos size and shape


  • With use of special magnetization fixture or magnetized permanent magnet.  Specify magnetization pattern can be "PRINTED" on the visualiser film and displaying such pattern permanently.  These "PRINTED" pattern can only earsed by external magnetic field.


Technical Specifications |

  • Standard Sheet Size: 400 x 350mm


  • Colour: Greenish Yellow


  • Magnetic Field Detected: >1mT / 10Gs


  • Magnetization Pitch: >0.5


  • Machinability: Flexible can be die-cut easily


  • Available in standard / custom size sheets and other customized options

High Definition |

High Definition.JPG
  • View pole pattern in high defination, ideal for visual inspection industral products incorporated with magnets, such as motors and sensors.

Applications |

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